Electronic Document Signing - Admin

Log into Encore

In the search bar type in Document Signing

Click on Manage Documents

To Create a new Document Click on .

  • Put in Description
  • Click on those people you need the document signed by. You can click on more than one.
  • Click on  to select a grade level or courses.
  • Documents – Title the document by typing in the text box or you can copy and paste. It no longer needs to be a PDF. You can do this in English or Spanish. It does not translate for you. You will have to put in a Spanish Document. Note: You can’t add pictures this is text only.
  • In the Accept or Decline Description you can add anything you like. For instance, if the Decline Description was a dance policy, you could put if you decline this document you will not be able to attend any dances this year.
  • Click   when you are finished.
  • Then Click   Save and Close will take you back to the screen that will allow you to Activate the document .
  • From this screen you can also edit or Delete the document.

When you go back into Manage Documents you can see all of your documents. Just click on the document you would like to review. From Document Signing you can also click on View Reports and see those people who have signed.

**** As with any new screen in the New Encore system, this will be accessible on any device and any browser.

**** A teacher will use this same screen but they will only have access to the classes they teach.

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