Canvas Import to Elementary Grade Book

Input your assignments and scores in Canvas and import them to the Encore Grade Book

Important things you need to know about the Import:

  • Assignments will NOT download if there is no Due Date
  • The Due Date drives which term the assignment will import to. Only the term selected will import based on the Due Date
  • Assignments are imported as Points for the Record Method and will be rounded to 1 decimal point
  • Canvas Weighted Assignment Groups will import when using the “Import as Assignment Group” option. These groups and weights should match identically to the Assessment Type categories and their assigned weights in Encore
  • Canvas assignments with the point possible = 0 will come over as Extra Credit
  • Canvas assignments with Do not count this assignment on final grade will be set as Practice in Encore
  • Canvas assignments graded as Complete/Incomplete: Complete = points possible, Incomplete = 0, and Excused enter nothing
  • Canvas assignments submissions/scores marked with "EX" (Excused) will be marked as excused
  • For the “Update Only New” option, it will only import assignments created since the last import, not new scores on previously created assignments
  • The “Update and Override” option will import all assignments and updated scores
  • Categories (Assignment Groups) in Canvas will import when using the “Import as Assignment Group” option
  • Students with no score or “Unassigned” in Canvas will import Blank
  • Missing & Late Status in Canvas will import as Missing & Late Status in Encore
  • You can still enter Assessments if needed into the Encore/Gradebook. The import will not override them. Do not enter the same assignment/scores in both places, it will create a duplicate assignment.


***IMPORTANT: If you go into your Encore Grade Book and change Points Possible, Date Due, Extra Credit, or any Scores when you do the next “Update & Override…” Import, it will change it back to how the data looks in Canvas. If you are grading in Canvas, make your changes in Canvas and then re-import to Encore.

To see instructions on how to Import from Canvas, click on the link below

Canvas Import to Elementary Grade Book

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