Student Summary / SEOP Screen

Sign into Encore and Search:  Student Summary / SEOP

There is a new look to this screen and we have a couple of new buttons

  • Easy Variance Button
  • School Notes

The Easy Variance button will only show up for current 11th grade students and only for the schools that are involved with the boundary changes.  11th grades students have the option to stay at the school they are at now, if it has changed because of the boundary changes.

  • Click on the Easy Variance Button
  • Enter in the school number of the school they wish to stay with.
  • Click Save

School Notes button: When you add a new intervention that results in an e-mail being sent to a guardian(s), these will show under the School Notes button.  Anything else will still show under the Interventions button.  Also, if you send an email from the email guardian screen and click the Copy to Interventions box, these will show in the School Notes not Interventions.

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