Grade Forgiveness

In Encore, search Grade History Maintenance

Select the student you are working with

  • Highlight the class that needs to be deleted
  • Click on the Edit button at the bottom of the screen
At this point, before you delete the grade, you may want to copy or print this page for your records.  You can click on the Printer icon at the top of the Encore page or you can use any snipping tool you like.

  • If there is more than one grade, highlight the one you need to delete
  • Click on Delete Grade
  • Save
  • Dismiss back to the main Grade Maintenance screen
  • Now Click the Add button
** Once you delete the grade, that class/course will not show on the transcript.

  • Enter in the Year, Grade Level, and the school that the credit is coming from
  • Keep at Regular Day School
  • Enter all the information for the new grade
  • Click Save
  • Dismiss

 If they do not like the grade and decide to take it again, you need to do each step over again.  Delete the grade and then Add the new grade on a new line.

 If the student had a “U”, you will need add it back on through the Citizenship Maintenance screen.

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