Career Path Recommendations

Sign into Encore:
  • Search: Career Path Status and Recommendation or
  • Navigate to:  Human Resources - Human Resources/Personnel - Career Path Status and Recommendation

To Filter or Refine the search:
  • In the Filter Results box, type in what you would like to see.  Like:  a certain job description or career family.
  • Refine check boxes - Click in the box of the Current Status to see all in that group.
  • The Up/Down arrows next to the column name is a toggle button to sort that category either alphabetical or numerical.
Once you have found the employee, click on the Create Recommendation Box

The "Star" =  Employee has not met license requirements

NOTE:  To see why an employee is in the Status they are in, Click on their Current Status.  This will take you to a different screen and will show you why they are that status.

  • Select a Recommendation by clicking the down arrow.  Select either Provisional Extension - When you select this, you also need to select a Provisional Extension Reason or Career Grant
  • After selecting a Recommendation, enter in Comments in the box below
  • Click Submit Recommendation to save.

Recommendation entry will be available April 1 through June 1, 2020

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