“P” (Passing) Letter Grade Request Administration

“P” (Passing) Letter Grade Request Administration


To access the “P” (Passing) Letter Grade Request screen in Encore, go to https://dsdencore.davis.k12.ut.us/SIS/SchoolAdministration/GradeRequest


You can review all students and requests at your school.  You can use the filters to only select students with requests by using the Request Status filter.

To manually edit a student’s request, click on the view/edit link on the right.

Here you can select or de-select courses.  You can also see which guardian made the request.  If you are manually entering the request for a parent, you will select the guardian who is requesting the “P” (Passing) letter grade.

When finished, click the “Save” button.  If you did not make any changes, click “Cancel”

The new request will now show the parent’s name and the administrator’s name that entered the request.

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