Office 365 Email

Office 365 Email includes access to Mail, Calendar, People (Contacts) and Tasks. Email can be accessed through Office 365 using the Outlook Web App (Mail), on the desktop using Outlook 2013, or on devices such as iPads and cell phones.

Outlook Web App (Office 365 Mail) 
  • Accessing the Outlook Web App - This document contains step-by-step instructions for accessing Davis District Outlook email through Office 365.
  • Introduction to Outlook on the web - Microsoft's Help information
  • Using Email in Outlook on the web - Microsoft's Help information - Includes information for the following:
    • Creating and sending email
    • Replying and forwarding email
    • Creating folders to store email
    • Searching for mail messages
    • Working with draft messages
    • Archiving old email messages
    • Deleting email or recovering deleted email

Mobile Devices
  • iPads and iPhones - These instructions contain instructions for how to set up and configure Outlook Email on iPads or iPhones. 

  • Android Phones - These instructions are for a Galaxy 5s phone. Even though the instructions may not be exactly the same for all android phones, they will be fairly similar.
Outlook 2013 (desktop client installed on the computer)
  • Outlook 2013: Setting up a new account on a PC
  • Outlook 2011: Setting up a new account on a Mac 
  • Sharing a calendar in Outlook Web App
  • Sharing a calendar in the Outlook Client
  • Office 365 Email: Creating and Editing a Contact List
  • Office 365 Email: Creating a Contact List from a List of Guardians


I am trying to send an email attachment in the Outlook Web App and it just keeps "spinning" and won't attach the document. How do I attach documents to an email?

If you are having problems sending email attachments, check to see what internet browser you are using. Email attachments will not work in Internet Explorer 9. They will work in Internet Explorer 10 or 11 and also Firefox and Chrome.

Where can I find my personal contacts and distribution lists?
  • In Office 365 you will find your personal contacts and distribution lists in the People app.
  • To see personal contacts click on the "arrow" in front of "My Contacts" and then click on the arrow in front of "Other Contacts."

To see distribution lists, at the top of the list of contacts, click on "Lists."

Sometimes when I send email to people, I get an email back letting me know that my message was not delivered. Why does this happen and how can I fix the problem?

Sometimes Outlook email uses out-of-date email address information. This information is stored in an "autocomplete" list in the Sender's email. Click on this link to see step-by-step instructions for fixing the problem.

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