Quick Tips for Using the New Encore Home Screen

The  logo is a quick link that will always return you to the home screen.

The SEARCH box  is used to search for applications. Type keywords for the application in the Search box then click on the Search button or press the Enter key on your keyboard to see the results. To see a list of all applications that you have been given security for, leave the Search box blank then click on the Search button and click on “List all available applications.”

            NOTE: To mark an application as a “Favorite,” click on the  next to the name of the application.

The TOP FAVORITES section is used to find applications you have added as favorites. To change the order of applications, click on Edit/View All then either click and drag the applications to the desired order OR change the number next to the name of the application to the desired order. To remove a favorite, click on the red “X”

The RECENTLY USED section will show you applications you have used recently. Click on View More to see a list of the applications along with the date when the application was last used.

The TO DO section is where you will see new job announcements or other items needing your attention.

The BULLETIN BOARD section is used for District notifications.

Clicking on your name in the upper right corner will give you to access the following:

  • Account Settings: Change password, set recovery contact information

  • Change location: Change locations and set a default location

  • User Options: Personnel Info, W4, Credit Card Transactions, etc.

  • Links to Office 365, myDSD Payroll, and Careers

  • Help and Sign Out

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