Emailing Parents In Outlook

In Encore go to:
  • Search for Guardian Email Report
  • Student Information - School Administration System - Reports - Guardian Email Report

Step 1
  • Select Generate File
  • Click on the Browse button on the right of the file name line
  • Find where you want to save it to (desktop)
  • Name file, example Guardians.csv, whatever you name it make sure you put .csv on the end of the name
  • Click Open
  • Click Create File
Step 2
  • Go to the file on your desktop or wherever you saved it
  • Click on the guardians email address column (this should highlight the whole column)
  • Hold down the Ctrl key and the C key (this will copy what is highlighted)
Step 3
  • Open Outlook - it can be the Web app or the Outlook Client
  •  Note: if you are using the Web App you can only paste 999 names at a time. The Client will take all names.
  • Open a new email message
  • Click in the Bcc field
  • Hold down the Ctrl key and the V key (this will paste what was copied)
  • Put your address in the To: field
  • Type in your subject and message

Step 4

  • Delete the .csv file from your computer
Any questions please contact the Call Center at 801-402-5600

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