Attendance for Elementary

  • District Home page
  • Tools
  • Click on Encore
  • Login
  • In Encore
  • Search Attendance Entry
  • Path is Student Information System - Attendance - Attendance Entry

  • You can select your class period by clicking on the down arrow.
  • Highlight the student name.
  • Enter the attendance type under the correct date.  Press F9 for available choices.
  • Enter the Reason for being absent.  This will default to No Reason.  Press F9 for available choices.
  • Save – Saves all information and changes.
  • Previous Week – Office controls if you can update attendance from previous weeks.
  • Next Week – If not on current week it will take you to the next week.
  • Student History – Display’s student’s attendance history.  This is a view only screen.
  • Print – This will print a list of all student’s attendance for the week shown.
  • Dismiss – This will exit the screen.

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