iPad / iPhone - Connecting to DSD Wireless

Wi-Fi Settings for Davis School District
  • Tap on the Settings icon on the iPad/iPhone then from the menu on the left, tap on Wi-Fi
  • Choose which Wi-Fi network to connect to
  • DSD-Wireless - Employees and Students
  • Tap on DSD-Wireless, login with your username/password then tap on Join
  • Employees – login with Encore username and password 
  • Students – login with student username and pin

  • Tap on Accept to accept the certificate

DSD-Guest – Non-District users
  • Tap on DSD-Guest. A new window opens welcoming you to the “Cisco wireless network"

  • Login as webguest and use the webguest password. (Note: The webguest password changes daily. Check with the school secretary to find out the password.)                                                                                                                                            
  • Note: To disconnect from a Wi-Fi network, tap on the “arrow” to the right of the network name, then tap on “Forget this Network".

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