Graduate Seniors

Prior to graduating your Seniors, print this report from Encore

•   Search Graduation Summary Listing
  or navigate to
Student Information – Graduation Tracking – Reports - Graduation Summary Listing

This report calculates the credits each student has earned and is projected to earn if all classes currently enrolled in are passed.
Verify that students have met the graduation requirements.
Please note: this report could take 15 – 20 minutes to run.

To Graduate Seniors

Search: Graduate Seniors
  -or -
Student Information – School Administration System – Graduate Seniors

Please Note: All Seniors have to have a Graduation Type
  • Option 1 – Type in a Student Name or Id, press Enter. This will take you to that particular student to enter in a Graduation Type and Date (if needed)
  • Option 2 – Select student(s) by clicking in the box before the student name or click the Red Checkmark to select all students. Select a Graduation Type and Date. Click the Load Type and Date Button.
  • Option 3 - Click the Graduate Seniors Button on the bottom of the screen. This will graduate all students with a Basic High School Diploma and the date that is on the top.

If you choose to graduate all, you can then go back and change the few that need a different Graduation Type. To delete the graduation type select the blank line from the drop down window.

The "red" Not Finalized in the upper right hand corner will change to Finalized when ALL students have a graduation type.
Print: Takes you to a report screen so you can print off a hard copy of this screen

Demographic: Takes you to the Demographic screen of the student that is highlighted
Early Graduates: If a student graduates early and he/she has already been dropped, enter their graduation type and date on this screen
Graduate Seniors: Graduates all students at one time with a Basic Diploma
Graduation Summary: Takes you to the graduation summary screen of the student that is highlighted
Save: Saves what you have completed
Dismiss: Takes you back one screen

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