Fire Drill Requests

Due to fire marshal requests, there are some new features and data requirements which are needed along with the fire drill software

  • Call Security to add a Fire Drill. At the time you make your request to the Security Department, the fire drill record will be created and an email sent to the Principal, Head Secretary and the Head Custodian at your location.
  • You will just need to access the fire drill software as directed below to edit and complete the fire drill request.

Open Encore

  • Search Fire Drill

or navigate to

  • LogisticsFacility Management – Fire Drill Information


After the drill has been completed:

  • Enter Evacuation Time
  • Select Notification Method – from the … drop-down menu
  • Select Weather Conditions from the … drop-down menu
  • Select Problems Encountered
  • Check the box of simulated conditions that were used for Fire Drill


Select the Print button to print a report. 

Select either the Current Year or All Records from the radio buttons in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

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