Approve a Credit Card Transaction

From Encore:

•  Search Credit Card Supervisory Transaction 
   or navigate to
Financials – Purchasing – Credit Card Supervisory Transaction Search

Select the billing period you are working with. If you need to narrow the search down more enter in as much as you want in the other fields.
  • Click the Search button to continue
  • Credit Card Supervisory screen

The left column is a list of employees that used their CC this month.

The middle column shows a break down of what was charged on that CC.

The right area of the screen shows the details of the transaction highlighted.

If the name in the left column is Green that indicates that the transactions still need to be reviewed. Once it is reviewed click in the little RVW box in the middle column.

Print button: Prints all/single transactions
Update Account button: To update the account the money is coming out of (see next page for information on the Update Account screen
Add Comment button: Allows you to add or view comments for a transaction.
Dismiss button: takes you back one screen

Update Account Screen

Type in the new account(s). If you use more than one account, the total needs to add up to the same as the transaction.

Save button: Saves the new account that you added and move it up to the Account History.
Approval History button: shows the approval path and where it might be.
Delete Pending button: if you need to delete an account that is in the pending status this button becomes active.
Dismiss button: Takes you back one screen

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