Teacher Fine Entry (for Student Fines)

From the Grade Book main screen, click on the Student Fines button


  • Loc – Defaults to your default location.  If you are at more than one school you can change it here.
  • Sem – Will default to the term we are in but can be changed by clicking on the down arrow.
  • Class – Select a class by clicking on the down arrow.
  • Product - Select product by clicking on the three dots.
  • Amount – If there is a default amount you can see that in the gray Amount field.  You can leave it at that or change to what you want by putting in an amount.
  • Override Description – You can put in your own description (ex. wooden clock if you are in a woodworking class).
  • Student Name – Select one or more students or you can select all by clicking on the red check mark.
  • Amount – You can put in a different amount as what is on top, per student, if needed.
  • Comments – Add comments as needed (ex. Lost book #5).

 Click on the Create Invoice Button when all done.

 With a student highlighted, the box on the right, shows invoice history.

  • You can void an item here, if the money has already been deposited it will create a credit (select the item that you need to credit/void by clicking the box next to item).
  • To make an adjustment, click on the adjustment button - Comments are Required
  • To make adjustment, either an amount or percentage.  If you choose amount put the box next to the item.  If you click on percent a box will open up next to the word percent just put your percent in there.

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