Teacher Transfer For Principals

The following procedure is used to hire an applicant from a job announcement

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In the past, to fill an announcement with a current district teacher, you may have used the teacher transfer search screen or the teacher may have contacted you directly. The principal would call HR to tell them who they wanted to hire and HR would initiate a transfer personnel action. The process has changed, using the following instructions.

For you to hire someone from a given announcement the applicant must appear on this screen

This system has been designed so that if a teacher is interested in a specific teaching announcement they can create a teacher transfer application through the careers@Davis website. The application will show on this screen as a ‘Transfer’ referral type.  This system has also been designed so that you, as a principal, can create these ‘Transfer’ applications for the teacher. 



  • To create a transfer application, click on the Transfer Search button
  • The Teacher Transfer Search screen will appear.
  • Use the filter section to narrow your results (for more detail see the ‘Teacher Transfer Search Screen’ Instructions).
  • When you have found the candidate(s) for which you want to create the Transfer Application, place a check in the checkbox next to the name. You can check more than one candidate, however, you must click the Create App button before you click the Requery button to find new results.
  • Once you have clicked the Create App button and return to the interview screen by clicking the Dismiss button or Red Door button, the candidates that you checked should show on your screen with a “Transfer” referral type.


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