Using the Interview Screen

Sign into Encore:

  • Search HR Recruitment Applicant Interview
         or navigate to
  • Human Resources – Human Resources/Personnel – HR Recruitment Applicant Interview

  • Job Title, date position was Opened, Close Date and Interviewer Type are displayed
  • Highlight a Job Title, add Panelists names to allow Panelists to review Applicant’s File information
  • A list of applicants who have applied for the highlighted job will show
Click on the folder to the left of applicant to view Applicant File

Select tabs to view Applicant Information, Qualifications and Attachments
  • Assign a group to an applicant (you do this by clicking on the applicant and then clicking on the dots and selecting a group). Then click on the down arrow to select a group you would like to sort by.
  • Select Interview to include applicant in the interview process
  • Select Pending until Hire, Yes or No is selected. If Yes is checked, enter Hire Date
  • This is where you can check if you would like a Thank you sent to the applicant
  • Clicking on this button allows you to see all teachers who have requested a Transfer Approval History
  • Click on the Create App if you see a teacher on the transfer list and would like to interview them for your school

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