Full-Time Hire Instructions

A candidate(s) will first need to complete an electronic application for the open announcements. The candidate must also register an account and apply for the announcement on the Careers Website.

Once candidates have applied for the position and HR has approved the application(s) follow instructions below.

  • Login to Encore
  • Search HR Recruitment Application Interview
    or navigate to
  • Human Resources – Human Resources/Personnel – HR Recruitment Applicant Interview

  • Indicate all applicants interviewed by clicking the ‘Interview’ checkbox. Do not offer an applicant the position until you have determined if the announcement requires an approval process.
  • For the applicant you desire to hire click the Request Approval checkbox. If in the lower left hand corner of the screen it indicates ‘Field is protected against update’ the announcement does not require approval and you may proceed with the hiring process. If a check appears in the box, approval of the applicant is required before an offer can be made and before you can proceed further with the hire process.
  • Upon completion of the approval process, email notification will be sent indicating whether you can offer the applicant the position or not.

Once approval is given, or if approval is not required for the applicant you desire to hire:

  • Enter the start date
  • Enter/verify the position number (if you don’t have a position number leave it blank and contact the Accounting Department)
  • Click Yes by the person hired
The following screen will appear

If the information on this screen is not correct, click Cancel and select the correct candidate.

You have one more opportunity to enter/review the ‘Start Date’ and ‘Position ID’.

  • If the information on this screen is correct and you concur with all bullet points, then click Confirm Hire.

If an email address exists for the applicant, instructions on what to do next will be emailed to the newly hired person. You can view this email by clicking the View Email button. If no email address exists for the applicant, you must provide printed instructions to the newly hired employee by:

  • Clicking the View Email button
  • Clicking the print icon in the Adobe window
The newly hired employee MUST follow and complete the instructions provided BEFORE going to the Human Resources Department. Any help you can provide to your newly hired employee to complete the steps within the instructions will help ensure the success of this process.

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