Student Attendance Maintenance

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To Update or Change Fields Under Student Attendance Maintenance

  • Type in a student's last name or the student's ID
  • Under Type and Reason (white fields) you can: Change the absent type, the reason, or delete the absence.
  • To delete one line at a time, highlight the Type and click Delete on your keyboard. Then click Enter or Tab to delete the reason. Or Check Mark the line(s) to delete. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the page.

Restraining Order Button: Click to view the restraining order on the student
New Student Button: This will remove the student's information in order to query a different student.
Delete Button: Delete the line(s) that have been check marked in the top area.

To see the full instructions for all tabs and how to navigate this screen, click the following link:

Student Attendance Maintenance

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