Warehouse Catalog

Log into Encore

  • Search Warehouse Catalog

or Navigate to

  • Financials – Purchasing – Warehouse Catalog

This screen allows you to search through the inventory at the District Warehouse

MDC tab:  Materials Distribution Center – will search all warehouses for the keyword that you entered.  Can narrow the search by choosing a different warehouse or leave at all warehouses.

Contract tab:  Allows you to search for a certain contract or to see if we have a contract for that company

Category tab:  Able to search by category

Once you find the item you are looking for:

  • Highlight the line and click the Add to List button.  This adds the item to the bottom
  • Enter in the Quantity needed
  • Once you have added all the items you desire to order, click the Submit button. This will send it to your secretary to be ordered.

Detail button – gives you more of a detail of the item highlighted.

Print Catalog – prints off what the search shows on the top area

View Contract – if the item is on a contract you can view the contract

Copy Requisition – if you have an old requisition that you want to copy so you don’t have to find the items, you can copy it here

Finished – will take you back to the requisition screen

Print List – will print a hard copy of what you have added

Delete – this will let you delete one line or the whole list

Dismiss – takes you back one screen

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