Employee Name Search

Sign into Encore

  • Employee Name Search
or navigate to
  • Financials - Payroll - Employee Name Search
If you have more than one location, you will see this Search Filter box

  • The search defaults to your location
  • If you want to search another location, type in the location name or number 
  • You can also search for an employee, if you have security to their location
  • If you have security to only one location, your screen will look like the screen below

  • Use the Search Field to narrow down options.  You can search by numbers or words.
  • Clicking on the column titles changes the sort order.
  • Detail button will show you a picture (if on file) and will show all locations they are tied to.
  • Multiple Locations means employee is tied to more than one location.
  • This screen can be viewed on your phone or tablet.  Depending on the view size of your device you may need to click on the (+) to see all details on the employee.

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