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  1. Select the student by either typing in last name and clicking Enter and select the name off the list or typing in Student Id
  2. Under the Schedules tab, bring in the course(s) you need to add by typing in the course number or course name in an blank line
  3. Click on the Semester tab you are working in

 Courses you selected on the

Previous screens are shown at the bottom of screen on left side

  1. Type the Begin Date of when the student will start in the new class.
  2. Click where the light blue color is to see what is available. Teachers and availability is shown on right upper side of screen.
  3. To temporarily enroll the student in class, click the white box next to the teacher's name.
  4. Continue these steps until you have the student's schedule how you want it or how it fits.  Right bottom area shows how the schedule will look and what teacher has been selected.
  5. If you need to undo any of the temporary enrollments, click in the white box next to the class on the right bottom area of the screen.  To remove all, click the Undo Changes button on the bottom of the screen.
  6. When you have completed moving courses, click the Save Schedule button.  This will change the students schedule as of the date you entered in Step 1.

·         RED – Indicates what the student is enrolled in right now

·         Dark BLUE – Temporary Enrollment.  This holds the spot until you save the changes

Light BLUE – Indicates when the class is taught or available.  Clicking on it will show which teacher(s) are teaching it and if there is room in the class.

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