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  1. Select the school year you are working in.
  2. Select the teacher you want to add students to.
  3. Enter in the date the student(s) will be starting in that class.  If this is for the new school year enter the first day of school otherwise put the day they are going to start.
  4. Click in the white box next to the student(s) that you are scheduling into the class.
  5. Click on the Schedule button.
  6. You will see the student(s) on the right side and a class total at the top to check the class size.

Schedule:  Click this button to schedule the student(s) who have been check-marked.
Demo:  With a student highlighted, click on this button to view the demographics of the student.
  Print a class list of the teacher that is selected.
:  Takes you back one screen.


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