Elementary Auto Scheduler

Elementary Auto Scheduler

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This screen is used to randomly schedule students into classes.

  • If there is a class or grade level that you do not want to auto schedule, change the class Max to “0” and it will not schedule any students
  • Team teachers – Only schedule with the Prime teacher.  The one without the Track “Z”, change the Max to “0”
  • The rest of the Max size can stay at 99.  System will keep as even as possible.

Initialize Students:  This assigns a random number for scheduling to each student that is tied to your school for the next year.

Reinitialize Students:  Brings in or deletes any changes to students and re-assigns a random schedule number to them.

Set Preferences:  Enter Track preferences and AM/PM preferences

Auto Schedule:  This will auto schedule students into classes

Undo Auto Schedule:  Takes students out of the classes

Finalize Schedule:  Finalizes the auto schedule so students will show in their new class

Undo Finalize Schedule:  Will undo the students schedule.

Statistics:  Shows numbers of how many teachers, students, tracks, average size etc….

Class Roster:  Shows the class roster of the teacher highlighted.

Print Class Roster:  Prints the class roster.  Can select either all or one.

Not scheduled:  Show which students have not been scheduled. 

Print Summary:  Summary report of all classes

Save:  Saves information

Dismiss:  Takes you back one screen

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